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Quality, Comprehensive Dental Care

Preventative Care

The best treatment is no treatment.

♦ Dental cleanings

♦ Oral cancer screenings

♦ Fluoride treatments

♦ Sealants to prevent decay

Fillings & Inlays

Repair decay and broken tooth structure.

White composite fillings

Porcelain & gold options for extra durability

Restore the function of your teeth

Crowns & Onlays

Sometimes teeth can crack, wear down, or be weakened from decay.

Conservative onlays

Strong, long lasting crowns

♦ Porcelain & gold options


Some teeth become infected or break and need to be removed.

Simple and complex removal

Comfortable anesthesia

♦ Prevent & eliminate infection

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many ways to improve your smile and confidence.

Porcelain veneers

Conservative bonding


Some teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

♦ Biocompatible & long lasting

Protect the neighboring teeth

Bone grafting if needed

Root Canals

Many teeth can be comfortably saved with root canal treatment.

♦ Eliminate & prevent infection

♦ Maintain your natural teeth

♦ Avoid tooth extractions

Periodontal Care

♦ Scaling & Root Planing (deep cleanings)

Periodontal maintenance


We take your comfort and trust seriously.

Local Anesthetics

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

Oral Sedation

A full-service family Dental Practice

At South Hills Dental, we are determined to provide the highest quality dental care for our community. We are committed to continuing dental education for our doctors and staff, to the continual improvement of our clinical skills and to the emphasis of prevention over treatment.


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